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CalPERS to Lower Discount Rate to Seven Percent Over the Next Three Years

Posted Dec 21, 2016

Sacramento, CA – The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) Board of Administration today voted to lower the discount rate from 7.5 percent to 7.0 percent over the next three years. This incremental lowering of the discount rate will give employers more time to prepare for the changes in contribution costs.

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CalPERS once kicked the tobacco habit. Now it’s reconsidering

Posted Dec 16, 2016

The ongoing battle between CalPERS investing in the Tobacco industry has come to fruition this week as CalPERS is reopening a decade-long discussion about reinvesting in Tobacco after a 16-year ban. 

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CalPERS Knocked for Missing Wells Fargo Warning Signs

Posted Dec 09, 2016

Sacramento, CA - By Chris Reed

Critics of Wells Fargo’s scandal are raising questions about why the California Public [Read More...]

CalPERS to offer Diabetes Prevention Program Starting Jan 1, 2017

Posted Nov 22, 2016

Beginning January 1, 2017, all CalPERS health plans will offer a diabetes prevention program (DPP) at no cost to eligible members. Check it out!

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With investments soft, CalPERS eyes higher contribution rates. What does that mean for workers?

Posted Nov 22, 2016

CalPERS is preparing more pension rate hikes, and they could cost government agencies billions of dollars.

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Yes on Prop 61 Rally

Posted Nov 02, 2016

Yes on Prop 61 Rally with Bernie Sanders takes place Monday, November 7th on the west steps of the Capitol. CSR will be in attendance. Please join us!

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California seniors rally to lower drug costs | Yes on Prop. 61

Posted Oct 19, 2016

CSR joined with other senior groups on the Capitol steps Oct. 17 to rally in support of Prop. 61, which would help stop runaway drug prices and save the state an estimated $1 billion a year.


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2017 CSR Board Election Schedule | Districts A, B, C

Posted Oct 18, 2016

Do you want to serve on the CSR Board of Directors? If so, now is the time! CSR has officially launched the 2017 Board Election Schedule for Districts A, B & C.


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New article offers perspective on public pensions

Posted Oct 17, 2016

Recent news articles have set their sights on public pensions, claiming that they are unsustainable and cost the state billions while public employees enjoy excessive retirement benefits. Recently, a Capital & Main author responded to a September article in the Los Angeles Times that claimed public pensions offer retirement security that is normally only available to the wealthy.

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OptumRX has finally released critical pieces of information in regards to the cost of prescription drugs.

Posted Oct 05, 2016

Sacramento, CA -  OptumRX has finally released critical pieces of information in regards to the cost of prescription drugs. This comes on the heels of CSR pushing for this critical data to be shared with the public during the open enrollment process. Many members were concerned they did not have the full story when choosing a provider.

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Governor approves Secure Choice Retirement Plan

Posted Sep 29, 2016

Millions of Californians soon will have an easy way to save for a more comfortable and dignified retirement now that Gov. Jerry Brown has signed Senate Bill 1234, landmark legislation creating the California Secure Choice Retirement Plan.

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CalPERS board members comment on the pension debate

Posted Sep 29, 2016

The recent back-and-forth debate over pensions for public employees always lands on important issues like employer contributions and discount rates. Lost in the discord, though, is what’s ultimately at stake: the financial future of millions of Americans. So let's get to the point and not fall into the tired trap of looking back: It's time to put SB 400, the 1999 California legislation that changed benefits for public workers, behind us. 

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Bill to raise funeral benefit is vetoed

Posted Sep 28, 2016

A bill that would have authorized the California Public Employees’ Retirement System to adjust the current $2,000 post-retirement death benefit for state and school retirees was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Sept. 26.

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Celebration of life for Gus Lease is set for Oct. 1 at SJSU

Posted Sep 15, 2016

Music was his life, so it is fitting that the celebration of life for Gus C. Lease will be in the Music Building Concert Hall at San Jose State University at 1 p.m. Oct. 1. A reception will follow on the lawn between the Music Building and the SJSU Event Center.

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New report from CSR Health Benefits Committee | CalPERS Health Plan Open Enrollment Considerations & Pharmacy Benefits Changes

Posted Sep 08, 2016

Health Plan Open Enrollment for CalPERS members is Sept. 12- Oct. 7. Most members who are satisfied with their current plan need do nothing to remain in the same plan. The exception is Blue Cross Net Value members. That plan is being discontinued.
If members on that plan do nothing, they will automatically be transitioned to Blue Shield Access Plus, starting Jan. 1, 2017. Or they may choose another health plan during this Open Enrollment period.

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Surprise medical billing measure heads to Jerry Brown

Posted Sep 07, 2016

Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, calls on lawmakers to approve his measure to end surprise medical bills from out-of-network doctors, on the final day of the legislative session. 

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Gus Lease – the ‘voice of CSEA’ – passes away

Posted Sep 06, 2016

Gus LeaseLongtime CSR and CSEA activist Gus C. Lease, also known by many as “The Voice of CSEA,” passed away Sept. 4 at the age of 93.

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CalPERS Open Enrollment materials now available online

Posted Aug 23, 2016

Sacramento, CA – The CalPERS health plan Open Enrollment period begins soon – September 12 through October 7 – but Open Enrollment materials are now  available online to our members to help them select the best plan for their families.

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Barbara LaPlante – CSR’s first female president – passes away

Posted Aug 18, 2016

Barbara LaPlante, the first female president of California State Retirees, Inc., passed away Aug. 14. She was 89.

LaPlante also had the distinction of holding the position of president – formerly known as director – for more than 10 years, longer than any previous member of California State Retirees, Inc., which is now known as California State Retirees. She also held many other positions in the organization, including regional director.

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CSR: CalPERS erred in calculating employer contribution amount

Posted Aug 11, 2016

Sacramento, Calif. – California State Retirees (CSR) believes CalPERS erred in calculating the 2017 100/90 State Annuitant employer contribution amount. 

Government Code section 22871 requires using the current year's top four health care plans to establish the next year's state contribution amount. 

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