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Donna Snodgrass for CalPERS board

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CSEA Vice President Donna Snodgrass will do the best job representing the interests of state retirees on the CalPERS Board of Administration, the CSEA Retirees Board of Directors decided at its meeting in Burlingame Feb. 11.

“I will make sure the Board of Administration stays grounded. There seems to be a disconnect with the constituency,” said Snodgrass, who recently became a state retiree herself and promptly joined CSEA Retirees’ Chapter 6. “I am already an advocate for retirees and our retirement system. I will remain an advocate. I will take your voice to the board.”

A panel of CSEA retirees in February interviewed all of the eight candidates running for the position that was vacated by Kurato Shimada last year.

Of all the candidates, Snodgrass was the only person who “has been actually doing the work for more than five years.” She regularly attends CalPERS committee and board meetings and often testifies on subjects such as health care, pensions and long-term health care.

She stresses that one of her promises to CalPERS members is that she will not agree to any cost shifting in form of increased co-pays.

“This is a way to undermine the 100/90 formula,” she said. “This has been done with the pretext of reducing premiums. I haven't seen any evidence that premiums were reduced by increasing co-pays.”

Ballots will be mailed April 21 to active and retired CalPERS members. The voting period ends May 19.


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  • Barbara Jones 8 years 341 days ago
    Our California State RETIREE newsletter has a large article endorsing Donna Snodgrass as the choice for state retirees of all the eight candidates running for a position on the CalPers Board of Administration. I thought the choice for that position would be made when we members who make up CSEA do our voting between April 21 and May 19th. Unlike this online article, the CSEA Newsletter does not clarify that this choice was made by a "panel of retirees in February (who) interviewed all of the eight candidates", nor does it indicate that the Board of Directors endorsed this one candidate. Shouldn't the endorsements be listed in the Candidate's statement? Is this newsletter printed and mailed with funds from our membership dues? If so, how can the newsletter justify using our dues money to send us a newsletter telling us how to vote? I am confused about this.

  • Hank 8 years 351 days ago
    This is confusing. The above article, as well as past articles appearing in the "California State Retiree" Newsletter indicate the Retiree Board is endorsing Donna Snodgrass for the Representative on the CalPers Board of Administration. However, in the Candidate Statement Booklet accompanying the ballot, Michael Bilbray is claiming to be endorsed by CSEA and the CSEA Retiree Board, while Donna Snodgrass does not claim endorsement by the Retiree Board in her Statement. Can anybody clarify this?

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