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Assembly throws in towel on public pension reform -- for now

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Sacramento Bee Sept. 8, 2011 --Lawmakers essentially threw in the towel Thursday on comprehensive public pension reform - at least for now.

With this year's legislative session scheduled to end at midnight today, the Assembly voted 51-21 to approve a last-minute bill declaring its commitment to pension reform but conceding that more time is needed.

Pension reform, a battle cry at the beginning of the year, steadily lost momentum at the Capitol amid strong opposition from powerful public employee unions bent on preserving much of the status quo.

Senate Bill 827 was gutted and amended Wednesday to promise continued study of the issue by both legislative houses.

The measure reads:

"This bill would declare the intent of the Legislature to convene a conference committee to craft responsible, comprehensive legislation to reform state and local pension systems in a manner that reflects both the legitimate needs of public employees and the fiscal circumstances of state and local governments."

SB 827 now goes to the Senate. 


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  • 8 years 165 days ago
    You are right Donna. They need to keep their hands out of our money and not change the system, unless it is to our benefit. This move on their part is not to our benefit nor the benefit of future retirees. Ron Ridley, District E Representative Elect

  • Mangravito 8 years 202 days ago
    HELLO FELLOW MEMBERS, WE ALL NEED TO FOLLOW THIS BILL--SB 827 on comprehensive pension reform. Years ago Retirees and workers alike fought to get and keep the Pensions that are available to all of us today. I worked for the State for 28 years and my Pension means survival, I don't think in this economy things are changing that much . Workers need their Pensions. If lawmakers get their hands on reform ,their foot in the door --- What's next? DON'T LET THEM IN THAT DOOR. Donna Hernandez , CSR , District A Representative

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