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Chapter Officer and Delegate Election Ballot Instructions

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BALLOT INSTRUCTIONS: Read and follow the instructions carefully to ensure your vote is counted. 

1.    Vote only for the number of candidates indicated on the ballot. If you vote for more than the number listed, your ballot; will be invalidated. Do not write on the ballot card or place any identifying marks on it as this will disqualify the ballot. No write-ins accepted. 

2.    Use a pen or similar object to punch out the perforated CIRCLE on the RIGHT SIDE of the ballot next to the name of the candidate(s) you choose to vote for. Make sure you vote both sides of your ballot if applicable. 

3.    Detach and retain the numbered stub. Place your ballot in the enclosed “BALLOT” envelope, seal and place ballot envelope in the yellow return envelope and mail it to California State Retirees. Be sure to PRINT your name on the yellow return envelope in the designated location. Failure to print your name on the envelope will make your ballot void. 

4.    To be valid, ballots must be received in the California State Retirees headquarters office, 1108 O Street, Suite 300, Sacramento, CA 95814 by 5 p.m., May 20, 2015. 

5.    If you spoil your ballot, duplicate/replacement ballots may be requested may be requested by calling (888) 808-7197.

6.    Election is by plurality vote (the candidate with the most votes wins). A tie shall be broken by lot. 

7.    The order of the names on the ballot was determined by lot. Candidates statements are listed in the same order.

8.    Any election protest must be in writing and received in the California State Retirees headquarters office by 5 p.m., June 10, 2015.

9.    The actual number of elected delegates is determined by the number of active chapter members (one delegate for every 200 members or major fraction thereof). 

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