Anthem Resources for Members Impacted by SoCal Fires

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Anthem Blue Cross has provided information for members who may find themselves impacted and/or displaced due to the recent fires in Southern California. 

1. In the areas that are impacted, how many CalPERS members are potentially affected? 
The impact was focused on portions of LA county. Anthem represents a total of 59,775 members. 

2. How do displaced members access non-emergent care out of their area? 
In some cases, local facilities or physicians’ offices could be closed due to fires. Members can opt to pursue care through the following channels: 
o If a member seeks care at an out of network provider due to the fires and care was an urgent situation, Anthem processes services as an in-network level. 
o Members can access care through Anthem Blue Cross Telemedicine program Live Health online. Using LiveHealth Online, members can access care through a private video visit with a doctor or licensed therapist on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Members can download the Live Health online app through the app store or google plan. Additionally, they may call 1-888-LiveHealth. Doctors are available 24/7 and offer care for common health conditions including the flu, a cold, infections, and rashes, and can: 
    Assess your condition. 
    Give medical advice. 
    Send a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice, if needed.

3. How will the plan assure members that such care will be covered?
•    Relaxing time limits for prior authorization, pre-certification, and referral requirements – there will be no late penalties.
•    Allowing the replacement of medical equipment or supplies. 
•    Extending filing deadlines for claims
Should a member need assistance at the point of service, or should they receive a bill post services we encourage them to contact Anthem.

CalPERS members may contact any of the following phone numbers: 
CalPERS PPO Members Anthem Blue Cross Customer Service
Outside the continental US: 1-818-234-5141
TDD: 1-818-234-5141
CalPERS HMO Members Anthem Blue Cross Customer Service
TDD: 1-818-234-3547

4. What information is being provided to the plan’s Member Services staff to assist CalPERS members with speedy resolutions to questions, concerns, and access to care?
The information included in this brief questioner has been provided to call center leadership and disseminated to staff. 
Members should monitor local public access information.  Anthem service staff should only comment on benefits.   However, they have been made aware of the following resource, which local advisement has indicated the best if necessary:

5. Are there any provider networks that are closed due to any evacuations?
Based on the information we have been provided, at present, hospital and emergency services remain available.

6. Are there any special resources that will be available to members in impacted areas?
Members affected are allowed to access out-of-network coverage at in-network benefit levels, for emergent and urgent care services. Our customer service representatives are prepared to provide support in real-time if needed.
In addition, members have access to our :
    Live Health online resource 24/7. for a virtual consultation with a licensed physician for urgent medical care or for behavioral health concerns.
    Members also have access to our 24/7 advice nurse line at 1-800-700-9185
7. How will members access prescription drug benefits?
Please refer to OptumRx

Anthem will continue to monitor the impact of the fires over the next few days and we’ll continue to keep you informed of any updates.

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