Update | CalPERS FAQS: Camp, Hill and Woolsey Fires

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A message from CalPERS

We’ve been working to pull together a document for members impacted by the terrible fires raging across the state.

The document answers three questions, with specific resources for each of the health plans:

1.    How do displaced members access non-emergent care?
2.    How will the plan assure members that such care will be covered?
3.    Are there any provider networks or facilities that are closed due to evacuations?

This may need to be updated as the situation develops, so I’ll forward any updates along.


FAQS: Camp, Hill and Woolsey Wildfires 


I hope you, your families, and your members are safe!

Thank you

David Teykaerts | Stakeholder Strategy Manager | CalPERS | (916) 795-2195  


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  • Frank Weinstein 1 years 140 days ago
    Thank you for the links. I do not find the CALPERS instructions very clear. Why do they refer to routine care with jargon, such as "non-emergent care?" I had to look up what is non-emergent care. How can Anthem consider standard rules applying right now for displaced persons? They reference healthonline.com, but what about members who had everything destroyed? Maybe they don't have access to a computer or a smartphone. I find these FAQs to be okay, but not great. There need to be more person to person services available for these types of emergencies. Let's waive some of. the formalities for right now. People who need medical care still need it.


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