Longtime CSR leader Fritz Walgenbach passes away

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Fritz Walgenbach, who served 35 years in California State Retirees, the Association of California State Supervisors and California State Employees Association, passed away April 17.

Walgenbach retired as executive vice president of the CSR Board of Directors earlier this year because he said health issues prevented him from doing his best work.
Before his tenure in CSR, Walgenbach was also secretary/treasurer and vice president of the ACSS Board of Directors, where he worked with Tim Behrens, former president of ACSS and current president of CSR.
In their positions with ACSS, both also served on the CSEA Board of Directors, where Walgenbach held the positions of regional director, treasurer, and executive vice president. Walgenbach retired from his job as an administrative officer and financial officer for the California State Library in 2001 and immediately joined CSR.
 He soon became president of Chapter 2, the largest CSR’s 26 chapters statewide. He was also District E director on the CSR board and finally executive vice president, where he served for the past three years.
As a show of gratitude for his many contributions to retirees, state workers, and supervisors, Sen. Ken Cooley, D-Rancho Cordova, presented a legislative member’s resolution to Walgenbach at Chapter 15’s holiday party in Auburn Dec. 20.
Describing Walgenbach as a fiscal conservative, Behrens said he was always passionate about whatever he believed was in the members’ best interest. “When we disagreed, we would agree to disagree and support whatever the majority voted on,” Behrens said. In a recent interview in the California State Retiree newspaper, Walgenbach said is essential that retirees remain involved in protecting their pensions and health care. “It is my view that any changes for future retirees will affect current retirees in some form or another,” he said. “Any change in the contributions to CalPERS will change the pot of funds for investment, which would have an impact on CalPERS’ ability to maintain its commitment to current retirees.”

Details about a celebration of life and a list of Walgenbach’s survivors will be posted on this site when they become available. An obituary will also be included in the May issue of the California State Retiree newspaper.

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