California State Retirees President Tim Behrens responds to bankruptcy ruling

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“Today’s ruling in federal bankruptcy court is a victory for public employees and working people in general because it strengthens the sanctity of pensions that people have earned over long careers in public service.

“Financially strapped cities like Stockton would not be able to attract competent employees in the future if their pensions had been decimated. The city of Stockton needs help on several fronts. It will take people – qualified, dedicated workers – to make this happen.

“Public employees typically forsake better-paying jobs in the private sector in exchange for the promise of a decent retirement following public sector careers.

“Instead of blaming public employees for the financial mistakes of municipalities and other employers, we should be fighting for better retirement options for all workers – whether in the public or private sector.”


California State Retirees is the largest state retiree organization in California, representing 34,000 members statewide.

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