CSR Health Benefits Committee gives update on open enrollment


CalPERS responded Oct. 8 to California State Retirees’ request to extend open enrollment for members of Medicare “Combo” households (See October’s issue of the California State Retiree).

The CSR Health Benefits Committee wrote a letter to CalPERS asking for an extension due to much confusion about “Combo” plans households, which have a CalPERS member who is Medicare eligible and members of the household who are not.  If members take no action or elect UnitedHealthcare (UHC), the Medicare member will have UHC Medicare Advantage PPO and the non-Medicare household members who are not Medicare eligible and live in one of the 26 counties where UHC offers the Signature Value Alliance basic HMO, will be enrolled in that HMO plan. They may have different doctors or providers and different clinics, hospitals, labs and pharmacies than what they had under their cancelled plans.

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